Fan 2022 conference - Senlis (France) 6-8 April 2022 - International Conference on Fan Noise, Aerodynamics, Applications and Systems

Technical Program

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The Motor Systems Tool - Latest Developments


F3 Motors*


Danish Technological Institute

Energy efficiency & ventilation
Aarhus - Denmark


One of the main goals of the 4E EMSA project is to upgrade the capacity of motor system users all over the world, by utilizing tools and guides etc. making everything easy accessible as online content. One approach to achieve this goal is the Motor Systems Tool.
The Motor Systems Tool, which was developed with full support from Danish public means, did at the launch in 2011 present a new, impartial calculation tool in which the efficiency of complete motor systems is calculated. The aim was to create a tool which can be easily handled, gives good technical support for choosing the correct combination of elements when creating the optimal motor system and is available for a broad audience.
Since the latest presentation at EEMODS ’17 development of the tool has taken place, and with the resent start of a parallel Danish project, even more development has been secured looking forward to the coming Fan2022 conference in Senlis. The focus of the coming developments will be a more integrated evaluation in terms of Eco-design requirements for both pumps and fans. The tool shall also be updated to match the upcoming extension of the scope of the motor regulation, new motor technologies, elaborated application calculation, energy evaluation and finally an improvement of the usability of the tool. The Tool also have focus on future integration of the latest developments within the international standardization of power drive systems (IEC 61800-9 series) as well as an integration of AMCA loss models for motors & drives.
The presentation will show and demonstrate the latest developments of the Motor Systems Tool with a few calculation examples combined with discussions of the models used.