Fan 2022 conference - Senlis (France) 6-8 April 2022 - International Conference on Fan Noise, Aerodynamics, Applications and Systems

Technical Program

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►► The Development of JFMEG Efficiency Criteria for Jet Fans Used in Recently Published Standard ISO 12759-5 ◄◄




Flakt Woods Limited

Colchester - United Kingdom


The ISO12759 suite of standards have been developed to facilitate legislators in global regions in setting minimum efficiency levels of specific product types/groups – based on Fan Motor Efficiency (FMEG) measurements.
The basic premise is to use existing performance standards to establish the FMEG grade using input power against volume flow and pressure and having sub-groups of product types with specific criteria.
Jet fans are not pressure creating devices but provide thrust when measured using ISO13350:2015 and/or AMCA 250 standards.
It was essential to have a set of criteria to evaluate efficiency using thrust versus input power so this important product group was captured.
The presentation will describe the process undertaken by Working Group 13 of TC117 Fan Group within ISO to gather market performance data, the process of generalising and normalising this so it is a true representation of the industry – and how the standard has practical uses in the future.
The general content will include:
1. Problem statement – why do Jet Fans not fall into existing categories?
2. Measurement description – variance of ISO13350:2015 & AMCA250 with ISO5801 and importance of evaluation of non-pressure developing products.
3. Data acquisition – sample size and details of market (test) data.
4. Data evaluation and averaging.
5. Presentation and publication.
6. Practical use.